Hi friends, my name is Paul Langer. I am a regular guy who started to trade the Forex Markets after reading some brochure or other marketing material that told me how powerful the Forex market was and how it was possible to make a ton of money out of it (if only life were that easy).

Back then, in 2007, I had another business and was doing ok with that, so I didn’t dive right into Forex. But after the 2008 crisis, I started to get less and less work on my business and decided to give Forex a serious try and find a way to make a complimentary income and maybe even make serious money.

I’ve read books and bought videos and courses on how to trade, but most of the products I bought to learn how to trade were made by people who weren’t traders. It’s easy to put together a few charts on a nicely designed presentation and sell it as a “system” to a complete newbie like I was. Of course, all this misleading training and false education led me to make many mistakes and lose a lot of money trading the wrong way.

However, when things were very bad and the market, due to my bad trading, consumed a considerable proportion of my life savings, I met a guy who taught me how to trade. I can tell you it’s so simple you wouldn’t believe it. It’s just a few tweaks and twists you need to make to straighten out all the nonsense you’ve read about trading all over the Internet, and, of course, a lot of discipline to control the most challenging part of trading: your own emotions.

Another thing I must mention is that trading is not a “get rich quick” thing. It would be best if you worked patiently and diligently to reach your goals. However, due to its scalability, there are no limits on the amount of money you can make.

After getting my original investment back and some from my trading, I decided I wanted to share my journey with other people in case anyone was interested in learning how to trade. I can tell you there is not ONE way to trade profitably, but there is a method to find a way for YOU to trade profitably.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and commenting on them since I am very excited to answer your questions and help you in any way I can.

Happy Trading!


P.S. If you want to know a little bit more about my journey and my strategy for trading, you can download my best-selling trading book from Amazon. It has a lot of invaluable lessons that will help you enormously if you are still struggling to make money on the Forex Markets.