Until next Wednesday April 28, I will be giving away my new book “The Black Book of Forex Trading. A proven method to become a profitable trader in four months and reach your financial freedom by doing it” for free from Amazon. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity and start improving your trading skills to finally make constant profits from the Forex Markets.

Today is a very special day for me, I want to tell you how excited I am because finally my book: “The Black Book of Forex Trading” is ready and published at

To help new releases and authors of new books Amazon allows new titles to be offered FOR FREE for a few days. I will be giving away free copies until nest Wednesday April 28th. Please take advantage of this one time only promotion and download the book.

I would really love to hear what you have to say about it after you’ve read it, also would like to answers any questions you might have and how you think you can apply my strategies and techniques to your own trading.

Download the book from by clicking here

It took me several months of trying and procrastination until I finally devoted myself to write it. I believe it can be the difference for many of you, traders who are not yet consistently profitable, or are not profitable at all, in your trading. I tried to cover all the different aspects of trading that made a big difference in my own trading and made profitably after years of failing miserably. I expect the book will provide you with a quick solution to become profitable in the least amount of time possible. I claim that you can become a profitable trader and gain your financial freedom in as little as four months.

I know it’s possible, it took me a bit longer to do it myself, but I have seen other people whom I’ve teach my system do it. Of course if you want to make money trading, you will need to work and put the effort and commitment needed.

But I am sure that after you read the book, you will have a much better understanding at Forex Brokers, Forex Strategies, Systems, Trading Psychology, Position Sizing and many other subjects I speak about in the book that will dramatically improve the way you trade the Forex Markets and the best part is that you will have a very clear blueprint on how you can apply your new knowledge to your advantage to make money trading. It doesn’t matter if you are starting to learn Forex or if you are already a seasoned trader you will find strategies that will dramatically improve your trading. From position trading to swing trading and scalipng, you will find a strategy that will suit your personal needs.

If after you read it you feel it’s useful you can leave a review at Amazon and help me get the word out so more people can benefit from my book. I am also always open for comments and questions you might have.

Download My Trading Book book from by clicking here

Happy trading!

    13 replies to "Get my NEW book “The Black Book of Forex Trading” for free from Amazon, only till Wednesday"

    • John A

      I really liked the book, because it was honest and didn’t promise magic beans instead of hard work and practice. Also it wasn’t a cover book for a website-only subscribe-and-all-will-be-revealed-to-chosen-initiates type of sales-lead that I see too often on Amazon.

      I’d also like to look at your trading journal (not necessarily the current trades) to see your reasoning for each trade, so that I can work on building a strategy for me that works – which is probably position/swing trading and definitely NOT day trading or scalping. Position sizes aren’t interesting (because they’re individual) but how you implement your strategy win, lose or draw.

    • John A

      Can I also mention that the link to gets a 404 error?

    • Jeff

      Mr. Langer,
      I recently purchased your book of Amazon. It was available on Kindle unlimited, but after I read it I knew it was a book I would want to keep. So, I bought my own copy. I have a question about your scalping strategy that you mentioned in the book. The Bollinger Band settings mentioned in my copy was 20,0. Did you mean for “0” to be the standard deviation or is that a typo?

      Thank you for your time and for a very informative book


      • Paul

        Hi Jeff, yes it’s 20, 0 for the SD. It’s the most common Bolinger Band setup. Let me know if you have any other question.

    • Mike


      I bought your book on Amazon yesterday and have begun to read it enthusiastically. I was attracted to your presentation, which seems honest and genuine, unlike so many other sources of info that are “out there”. After having gone through all of the “soul searching” and “psychology” it appears that the foundation of being a successful trader is the same as what it took for me to become successful in my current business. I’m an IT professional of 32 years, own my own consulting business, and look forward to making a transition to professional trader. I have no expectations other than that I will do what it takes to become successful, and I’m hopeful that your book will be helpful in my creating that success. I’ll keep you posted!

      Mike C.

      • Paul

        Hi Mike, I am glad you are finding the book and the blog useful. Take a look at the videos too, I believe they’ll give you another perspective on your trading. I’ve found that one of the main things to keep in mind in order to become a succesful trader is to understand that this not a sprint race, so you have to take it easy and give yourself ample time to learn trading. Defining your personal objectives before commiting real money to the markets and finding the trading staregy that will fit best to your personality. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

        • Mike


          I’ll take all the guidance I can get, but I like your presentation the best of all those that I’ve researched. I’ve done a good deal of the homework that you speak of, with actually writing down my trading plan my next task to complete. One thing I could use some guidance on now is what broker to choose. I’ve seen the scores of options but I’d like to be able to set my own demo account balance to mirror what I would do in real life, have tight spreads, and a good technology platform that’s suitable for beginners and advanced traders. Any suggestions? Right now I’m overwhelmed by the options.

          Mike C.

          • Paul

            Hi Mike,
            I am glad you are finding the book useful and kudos for writing your trading plan!, you have no idea how important that is and how often it is neglected by many want to be traders.

            Regarding your broker question: any reputable broker will do to begin with that’s why you start with demo trading, to try the platform, service, etc. Look for a broker that is regulated in your own country or in some big country. You can open a few demo accounts with the brokers you are considering. I can’t recommend any particular brokers since I’d need to know a lot of information about your trading style, country of residence, amount of money to invest, etc. And even with that info, it’s a personal choice at the end.
            I’ll write an extensive blog post in the future since your question is a very recurring one.

            Regards and best luck with your trading

    • Jeff Evans

      Loved the book. Would like to watch the videos but can’t seem to get them. I’ve registered in the blog but, alas, no luck. Any advice?

      • Paul

        Hi Jeff, did you get the link to see the videos?

    • max

      Ciao Paul,
      I already read your book twice, the only honest one read up to now. Tnks a lot for sharing with us your experience.
      I’m actracted by the swing trading system and i would like to know if i can use the dailly pivot point as reference level.

      Tnks a lot from Italy

      • Paul

        Thanks a lot for your comments Max!, let me know if I can be of help on your trading.

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