Dear friends,

I am sorry I didn’t put so much effort to update my blog lately, but I am about to finish and preparing to launch a book about Forex Trading.

In this book, I’ll give a very thorough detail of my trading adventure, how I made it to become profitable in my trading after losing most of my life savings due to my bad trading, and, most important, how you can become profitable in your own trading too.

The book summarizes all the methodology involved in developing a winning trading behavior, and not just focused on entries and random trading strategies.

Of course, the book also has a collection of valid trading strategies, but more than that they are strategies that can be adapted to different styles, personalities and individual situations depending on the trader. They are easy to follow and based solely on price action. No need for fancy indicators, robots or spaghetti charts.

I believe it’s possible to make money on the Forex markets in many different ways, even for traders who don’t have all day to check on their screens, and also there is money to make for people who do want, have the psychological strength, and have the time to trade for the entire trading session.

In the book I go in detail describing different ways to approach trading and finding your own style and methodology risking the least amount of your trading capital. From the beginning of the process, how to develop your own trading plan, how to get enough self confidence to trade real money, how to calculate your position sizing, stop losses, how to better use leverage, how to handle winnings and losing streaks and many other invaluable concepts that are key to become profitable, and ultimately independent trading the Forex Markets.

I am very excited about the book, never thought I’d write one, and it’s the work of several months of gathering information, picking my own brain and synthesizing concepts to make them as clear and useful as possible for the readers.

If you are interested in reading it for free I’ll give a small window of opportunity for those who may want to read the book before the official launch at Amazon. I’d love to pass it to you free of any charge, so you can read it, give me any feedback you want, and also take advantage of all the useful information the book has.

Please write me at paul@forexlife.me and let me know your interest in reading the book at no cost before the official launch, planned to be a couple of weeks from now. I am very eager to find out what you have to say and, hopefully to help you in any way to achieve your trading goals.

The book is written in a casual style and it’s not complicated to follow to anyone passionate about trading. It has some numbers and calculations, but that’s not the core of the information at hand, so I believe it can be interesting for beginners, intermediate traders and even advanced traders who are looking for ways to expand their knowledge about trading and, most of all, for those who have been struggling to make Forex a viable way of earning money regularly or, like I was, for those who are losing constantly and about to abandon the dream of mastering the Forex game.

If you read this post after the book has been launched, don’t worry, you can e-mail me too and we’ll find a way to get you a copy for a discount price. I wrote the book to share what I’ve learn with any one who is willing to listen and perhaps help to make your way into profits, a little less bumpy.

All the best,


    6 replies to "I wrote a book about Forex trading, and I want you to have it… for FREE!!"

    • Timothy

      Just finished your book and liked it. It gave the right amount of detail for me to understand and start practicing right away. Left a review at amazon.ca, and it was good. I will come back to this sight when I have more time to get your journal layout idea if that is OK. Thanks

      • forexlife01

        Hi Timothy,

        I appreciate very much your comments and thanks a lot for the review at Amazon. I’ll love to hear how your practicing is doing and if you were able to apply any of the concepts in the book.

    • Bill

      Hello, I am about halfway through your book and really like what you say. I think this should be very well received by people new to Forex trading.
      You give a link to an .xls file for a trading log which I cannot get to work. Would you provide further information on this file please?

      Thanks, Bill

    • Mark

      Have tried the link provided for the trading log and it just loops back to another article on the website – no file to be found.
      Loved your e-book. Great work.
      Would appreciate the trading log too but should be able to produce my own.

      Thanks for the insight into your work.

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