When I started in this business, around 8 years ago, I felt so excited about the possibility of trading. For me it seemed like living in a movie. Being able to earn, potentially unlimited money, from the vast wealth of resources in the Capital Markets. Sounded crazy to my neophyte mind, that a small guy in his room could be competing along huge financial institutions, banks and even countries for a piece of the trading earnings pie. I started seeing myself moving millions from a luxury boat at the french Riviera while drinking Mimosa.

Of course reality turned to be completely different, first the deception to find out that I was far from a “natural” in this area, whenever I decided to pull the trigger and enter a trade, the market would seem to automatically move the other way I was expecting. After loosing a few hundred dollars I put in my first Forex account. I decided not to renounce my dreams but to educate me, read books, watch videos and whatever trading material I could put my hands and eyes on.

Countless hours of analysis on charts, reading the news, opinions, analysis from experts. Paying for systems, online courses, robots, trading websites, basically everything that crossed in front of my eyes.

However, everything seemed to be in vain. Since my trading skills far from bringing me to this “Trading Nirvana” where I would have been reaping millions and having a life a-la Wolf Of Wall-street, surrounded by voluptuous women, luxury pent-houses and expensive cars. I was more of a freak guy locked up till very late watching charts and yes, basically losing money.

However, eventually after losing a really big chunk of money (close to 40k), I finally began to trade profitably, slowly, not millions pouring in by the hour, but yes, in the end I was profitable. I was so afraid to lose again a big amount of money that I did traded smaller lots, conservative stops, I was very careful of my strategy and, somehow the dots connected and I was making money.

I found out that the life-style of the traders in the movies, was maybe something that will stay there (in the movies), however trading gave me the opportunity to earn a great living without worrying for customers, bosses, angry clients, strict office schedules, or any of the sort. Basically I was the owner of my own time and, if equipped with the right tools (a trading system, some capital and discipline) I was able to do basically whatever I wanted with my time. From traveling to South America, that I did once a year now, to starting new business ventures, to do personal projects, visit museums, partying on Tuesday or any day I felt like.

So after maybe 7 years of a VERY steep learning curve it seems like everything was really worth the time, money and effort. For I’ve been 2 years already growing my account constantly. I don’t feel this “trading rush” anymore that made me loose so much money, and my confidence in every trade has become very high. I know it doesn’t matter if I lose one trade, or two or even five! (well five in a row is always hard) but in the end I know I’ll be profitable.

One of this projects I wanted to make for a long time is this blog. The idea is to help everyone start with a bit of better odds than I did, maybe also share some thoughts about trading, and help you achieve the Forex Life Style you are dreaming of.

Happy trading,


    4 replies to "Why do you want to be a Forex trader anyway?"

    • Nelson Velipamwe

      Thanks Paul. Reading your book and blog was very educative and remarkable.

      • Paul

        Thanks so much Nelson, I am glad you liked the book. Let me know if you have any questions.

    • Stuart

      Thanks, Paul. Your book helps me to identify the good, bad and ugly habits in trading the forex market. My sincere appreciation for sharing the Position and Swing Trading Strategy. I take your advice to stay aside for a time from the scalping strategy (Yes, i agreed with you 1000% when you wrote “You will be tested to the limit…”. And yes, keep it simple.

      • Paul

        Thanks for reading the book Stuart, and also for your comments. I wish you great success in your trading.

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