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5 rules to instantly improve your trading skills

I have traded over eight years now with very bad results on the beginning and slowly making my trading better and better after falling many times. I can tell you with confidence that if you try to apply this rules in your own trading and recognize any bad behavioral patterns you might be stepping on, […]

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Why 97% of the people will fail at trading Forex

Over the years I have made many mistakes trading myself and also see other people make the same or some variations of the same mistakes over and over. Somehow trading is a counterintuitive activity for our human hunter-gatherer mindset. We are wired to believe that the most we work the better results we will get. […]

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Technical Position Trade – NZD/CAD March 8 2015 (+397 pips potential)

NZD/CAD has formed a huge Bearish Candle Formation looking at the weekly charts at a massive ressistance point after trying already to break higher unsuccesfully for many times. This might be the beginning of a bearish trend if best, or at least the beginning of a prolonged time of range bounding. SHORT NZD/CAD Entry Stop […]

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Why do you want to be a Forex trader anyway?

When I started in this business, around 8 years ago, I felt so excited about the possibility of trading. For me it seemed like living in a movie. Being able to earn, potentially unlimited money, from the vast wealth of resources in the Capital Markets. Sounded crazy to my neophyte mind, that a small guy […]

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